Ebba Westerberg studied classical flute during her upbringing in Norrköping and at Kapellsberg music school 1985-1987. Here, the interest in contemporary music was raised among many other things. A summer course, ”Afrocuban rhythms and songs”, set a new direction. Ebba has lived in Gothenburg since the late 80’s and has been a freelance musician since then. She has been studying percussion for master drummers from Ghana, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Cuba and Brazil among many others.

Today, Ebba Westerberg’s percussion is found mainly in jazz and improvisational music, such as the quintet Corpo, where she is a long-standing member, or in Linchpin, a duo with the pianist Joona Toivanen. But she also finds herself well suited to groups like Tappra Mödrars Kapell, GAO and the World Music Culture Club.

With her open mind and curiosity, Ebba Westerberg is often employed in theater and dance contexts where her unique mix of traditional percussion and contemporary expressions finds her form along with other experimental and playful souls. Examples:

Accompanist to dance, both traditional West African and contemporary dance at Angeredsgymnasiet’s professional dance program.
Many years of cooperation with Vusi Mahlasela, tours in South Africa and Sweden.
”Jazz in Sweden” tour with Harald Svensson in 1998.
Freelance assignments with Bohuslän Big Band, including Cole Porter project with Colin Town and Quincy Jones celebration at the Ystad Jazz Festival.
Musician at Borås Theater.
Project with ice instrument in Jukkasjärvi with ice sculptor Tjåsa Gusfors.
Collaboration with Niklas Rydén in New Opera Co and the performance ”Circus”.
Leader and composer for her own trio, Tesla 1999-2006 tours in Europe and the United States.

Ebba Westerberg is also an active force in the Cultural Association Bunkern, a gathering point with studios for 150 musicians in Göteborg, Resurs Ny Musik and founder of MUKO, a cooperative agency with fellow band leaders from Gothenburg. MUKO has an ongoing network with four organizations in the Baltics, which has resulted in an artistic collaboration between Ebba and the bassist/composer Mingo Rajandi from Tallinn.

Ebba Westerberg is regularly working around Europe touring with different bands and as an invited performer, for example the recent collaboration with Polish pianist Leszek Kulakowski in a Chopin project which included album recording and tour in Sweden and Poland.